leveraged lev‧er‧aged [ˈliːvərɪdʒd ǁ ˈle-, ˈliː-] adjective FINANCE
1. a leveraged company is financed by a high level of borrowing in relation to its share capital (= the money it has from selling its shares ) :

• The company is profitable even though it is leveraged much more than most small businesses.

• It has carried a more heavily leveraged balance sheet than most other oil companies, with debt making up about 47% of its overall capital.

2. leveraged deal/​purchase/​transaction etc a deal etc in which borrowed money is used by the buyer to pay for something:

• The market for bank loans for leveraged transactions has grown weak.

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leveraged UK US /ˈliːvərɪdʒd/ US  /ˈlevərɪdʒd/ adjective FINANCE
used to describe a company or organization that owes a large amount of money in relation to its value: »

Like other theater chains, it will be a highly leveraged company, carrying about $550 million in debt.

Compare HIGHLY GEARED(Cf. highly geared)
used to describe an investment which has been bought with a large amount of borrowed money: leveraged deal/purchase/transaction »

They will have to reduce costs significantly to pay the borrowings to finance the highly leveraged deal.

Compare GEARED(Cf. ↑geared)
See also OVER-LEVERAGED(Cf. ↑over-leveraged)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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